Private Secretary

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Executive assistant 

Hacer Özlem BASDOGAN

Private Secretary


Private Secretary



Telephone :   0 380 542 11 01

Fax:        0 380 542 11 09

Authority, Duty and Responsibility of Private Secretariat 

  • To ensure an effective and efficient work environment for rectorate authority, to prepare daily work schedule in accordance with the instructions given, to organize meetings, to organize domestic and foreign duties, to carry out representation and protocol services,

  • To carry out the business and operations of the rectorate, to announce their orders and instructions to related people, to follow, to get the required institutional and non-institutional information and documents in time and present them to rectorate,

  • To provide all telephone interviews of the Rectorate and to relay appointment requests

  • To watch and follow the works of the units in the direction of Rectorate orders.

  • To check the correspondences submitted for signature in terms of rules of correspondence, correct them if necessary and send the signed, transferred or finished correspondences to related locations,

  • To provide research and documentation, supplementary information and documentation on the issues requested by the Rectorate or presented to Rectorate,

  • To make in house routine correspondences on topics related to Private Secretary Unit; to run recording, reference, filing and follow-up works with rectorate's greeting, thanking, condolence etc correspondences,

  • To prepare the unit business report of the Private Secretary Unit,

  • To distribute the duties of personnel working in private secretary unit, to control, to organize the works, to increase the work efficiency of personnel, to do the required works for their education and training,

  • To provide the organization and arrangement of the archives of the Private Secretary Unit, to archive all kinds of writing and secret documents to be filed on a regular basis,

  • To do other works to be given by the Rectorate.