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In order to carry out the Mediko services of our university, a physician in the room 308 in the 3rd floor of Rectorate Building, a dentist in the ground floor dental clinic of Research and Application Hospital and a physician in Düzce Vocational High School work withing the working hours. 
The treatment and treatment costs of our students, who do not have personal social security and in their family social security, are covered by our University. Those students who would like to benefit from these services must apply to Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports with the "Insurance Holder Registration" document issued by the Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution for Emekli Sandığı, SSK and Bağkur, which declares that the student and their family are not covered by any social security. Then, these students are treated with the one year certified health certificate given.

The pharmacists that we have contracted with for our students who benefit from our university's Student Certificate:

1)     Kusçuoglu Pharmacy - Düzce Merkez

2)     Eray Pharmacy – Konuralp

3)     Hayat Pharmacy - Akçakoca

4)     Nimet Pharmacy – Akçakoca

For Health Certificate Applications;

Health Culture and Sport Head Department
Extension Number : 1359