Established on March 17th, 2006 and having achieved great academic success in a short period, Düzce University is a leading higher education institution with its qualified education and training activities, value-added scientific studies and its efforts regarding social responsibility and regional development fields,

Currently, the Rector of Duzce University for the term 2015-2019 is Prof. Dr. Nigar DEMIRCAN CAKAR. Having 3 faculties and 5700 students when first established, Duzce University today is one of the prestigious and prominent universities with its 14 faculties, 4 institutes, 2 colleges, 10 vocational schools, several Research and Application Centers, Research and Application Hospital and nearly 33 thousand students.

Düzce University has Akçakoca Bey Faculty of Political Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Faculty of Technical Education, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences.

Düzce University is also advancing rapidly towards being an international institution, offering undergraduate and graduate education to 336 international students coming from 27 different countries within the scope of 101 bilateral cooperation agreements.

 With its motto "The University that Creates Value" in mind, Düzce University has proven its success on its 12th anniversary. According to METU's URAP center, it was ranked 41th on Overall Ranking of State Universities and has become one of the top 50 universities, reaching to 48th on the Overall Ranking of All Universities.

Düzce University also received an A+ rating in Student Satisfaction Index of Turkey's University Satisfaction Survey (TÜMA-2017) and ranked 19th among 108 state universities on the Academic Incentives ranking (DÜS-2018).

Düzce University has numerous achievements not only in training, education and science but also in the field of sports. Having ranked second in 2015-2016 Overall Medal Ranking published by Turkey University Sports Federation, Düzce University improved its sports achievements further in 2017 and took justified pride of being first among the universities in Turkey, receiving 62 medals in total, including 25 gold, 18 silver and 19 bronze ones.

Düzce University is also the leading higher education institution in quality studies, becoming the first state university undergoing the external evaluation of the Higher Education Quality Board.

Creating Turkey's first Honey Forest, receiving first and only European Entrepreneurship Award, establishing the first Social Security Program, first Population and Citizenship Program, first Circassian Language and Literature Undergraduate and Graduate Program, first Composite Material Technologies Graduate Program, first Beekeeping and Bee Products R&D Project Market, Düzce University has become known as a ground-breaking organization.

To create transparent and participant management culture, the Rector of Düzce University holds an Open Door Day on a monthly basis. On the Open Door Day, all members of the University, especially the academic and administrative personnel as well as the students share their problems, criticisms, observations, evaluations and suggestions. With its Open Door Day, Düzce University serves as a model to many organizations in terms of institutionalization.

Besides its Faculties, Colleges and Vocational Schools, Düzce University's Research and Application Centers is also one of the major science centers in the Region. Düzce University's Scientific and Technological Studies Application and Research Center (DÜBİT) accredited by TÜRKAK successfully carries out all analyses and measurements needed by the University itself as well as private organizations and institutions in research, product development and production processes.

The Design Prototyping and Testing Center established as a part of Düzce University's Scientific and Technological Studies Application and Research Center is the first of its kind in the Region, and with its technological infrastructure and modern 3D printers, it successfully carries out numerous technological studies needed by industrial organizations, such as product design, prototype production and testing. The center having great added-value and production capacity is an attraction center in the Region in terms of R&D and innovation.

"Stingless Bee" project developed by Düzce University's Beekeeping Research, Development and Application Center (DAGEM) is a significant study in the field of science. Also, the products produced by DAGEM such as honey, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly are offered to the consumers under the registered trademark of DAGEM.

In addition to the fields of education, scientific research and technology, our University also attaches high importance to cultural heritage. It unearths artifacts from Hellenistic and Roman age through the excavations works conducted in Prusias ad Hypium Ancient City, the only surviving ancient city in Western Black Sea Region, and leads the efforts for turning Konuralp region into a historical and touristic attraction center.

Carrying out essential activities in University-industry, R&D and innovation fields with its newly established management building, Düzce Teknopark was ranked 27th in the Technology Development Regions Performance Index, going by 10 within just a year from its 37th ranking in 2016.

Düzce TTO established within Düzce Teknopark in 2015 and supported for 2 years within the scope of "Ensuring and Implementing Preparation, Initiation and Capacity Enhancement for Technology Transfer Offices" program has become one of the 8 TTOs that has applied for and received support within the scope of TÜBİTAK-1601 2017 program.

Visiting many companies and academicians in Turkey, Düzce Teknopark and Düzce TTO organized training programs for almost 3000 participants. They also promote entrepreneurship skills of young people with various contests and project markets such as Startup Weekend, Health Sprint Düzce, Bolu-Düzce R&D Project Market, Hackathon Düzce, Kids' Technopark.

As an innovative, entrepreneur and dynamic higher education institution, Düzce University makes significant contributions to regional development, working ambitiously in education and scientific research fields as well as the social service field.

Düzce University has become one of the five universities exclusively supported and promoted within the scope of Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization" program organized with the collaboration of Higher Education Board (YÖK) and Ministry of Development and gained ground in becoming a leader in the regional development.

Explicitly supported in the fields of health and environment, Düzce University has turned its action plan into projects and continues its efforts in Traditional and Complementary Medicine and Industrial Recycling of Agricultural Wastes. With its projects in the fields of health and environment, Düzce University has been already offering an increasing number of new opportunities to the local people in various areas ranging from agriculture and animal husbandry to health tourism, medical and aromatic plant production and bee products.

Düzce University is also devoting a great deal of effort to have a corner in domestic, national and universal toy production and focusing its energy on design and prototyping studies.

With its modern education programs, technological opportunities, qualified and equipped academic staff, Düzce University not only raises successful future generations but also contributes to science as well as regional development.

Adopting the principle of science for the public's sake, Düzce University takes firm steps forward determined to create new values.


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